JOY Garden

Our Garden

Seashore’s JOY Garden broke ground summer of 2015.

Many hardworking volunteers have joined us to play in the dirt.

We have established perimeter fencing, soil beds, foundation, raised beds, irrigation, pathways, art installations, and a green house.

The garden provides endless opportunities for outdoors learning, recreation, and offers a centralized growing space.

Thank you donors for giving me this opportunity.


The garden is funded through private donations and small grants. Volunteers and local businesses contribute to the ongoing sustainability of our youth programming. If you would like to become a sustaining supporter of the JOY Garden, consider making a monthly contribution of $20 (or more).


Donations for dirt, tools and seeds are welcome! In-kind donations are also appreciated. Contact Seashore for more information on how to donate. Call (541) 563-7323

Youth Volunteers

Youth ages 14-17 join our team during the summer to work with our volunteers and students as we grow the JOY Garden! Youth apprentices are encouraged to help others learn, plant, weed, water and maintain the garden area. The youth volunteer program provides satisfying horticulture experiences from seed to table.

  • Serve as a community ambassador to the community garden, and help us GROW the JOY!


During the 2017 growing season we built a cedar gazebo in the center of the garden to create a sheltered meeting space.

Thanks to the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution and the Samaritan Health Services for their support!

As funds are raised, we plan to build a new tool shed and a fruit and vegetable stand that will serve as a way to share the bounty of fruits and vegetables grown in our garden.

We encourage all interested community members to volunteer.

The Garden Committee coordinates ongoing maintenance & upkeep of the garden.

The group meets every other week during the summer and periodically during the fall and winter months.

Seashore hosts seasonal work parties.

Garden care projects include: planning, planting, watering, weeding, special construction projects, fundraising, and harvesting.

Seashore Joy Garden 04 2021-05
Seashore Joy Garden 01 2021-05