Seashore Family Literacy is dedicated to helping children, adults and families improve reading, writing, math, computer and communication skills.


  • Everyone is treated with respect and equality
  • Programs are based on client need
  • No one should have to pay for basic literacy services
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Everyone has worth


We seek to equip, encourage and empower others to enhance their lives and communities.


While Seashore’s primary focus is on change through education, we have found it critical to first meet the most basic needs of food and clothing.

Once basic needs are met, Seashore hosts and supports a variety of free, education-based, community-focused programs.


With a dedication to helping children, adults and families improve their lives and communities, Seashore offers a variety of programs for all ages and interests – and all for free!

Activities and events take place at the DaNoble House, the Green Bike Co-Op, and the Center For Learning.