"I love our little community!"


“One year ago my family and I were homeless.

I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have a lot going for me…

When I came to Seashore everything changed.

I met Senitila and the volunteers.

Everyday they were helping us do a little more to get out of a bad situation.

Now because of Seashore and the caring people there, I have a job, an apartment, I have been studying for my GED, I am part of a community.

I love our little community, I am so grateful!”

Robby, Local Resident


This program provides free meals to children 1-18 years of age.

Since 2008, Seashore Family Literacy has been a sponsor of the USDA Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) through the Oregon Department of Education.

We serve food cooked on-site.

We make an effort to serve as much food from scratch as we can, which is unique to any of the SFSP sites in Lincoln County.

We are also the only site that can boast a “garden to table” opportunity.

This provides our local children with healthier and heartier meals!




"I volunteer because I enjoy helping the people in our community"

“After serving a lovingly prepared breakfast by early-rising volunteers, to children who need a safe place to be while their parents are at work…

While seasoning ground beef donated by generous community members who simply asked what we needed to feed the children…

A steady stream of folks came in from the community to donate clothes, inquire about our needs, and give their time to help grow food in the garden, to help feed anyone who needs nourishment …

We had more people give than receive today, an amazing thing to witness, such a generous community spirit .

That’s something we should be proud of here in Waldport!

We are a community of people who are willing to learn and give of their knowledge and skills.

What an incredible place to live, love, work, and play.”

Melaia Kilduff, Summer Meals Program Director

"We are feeding a lot more people, that is pretty cool!"

“I am really amazed by how much the program has improved this year !

We have more than 25 kids attending lunch everyday. Two days a week we take food up to the park for kids that can’t make it to the Center.

We are feeding a lot more people, that is pretty cool!”


Summer Meal Program Site Coordinator

"I have been making cinnamon rolls in the kitchen every Thursday.

Everyone loves the cinnamon rolls, I enjoy making ’em, it’s like my service to the program.

It’s the best day of the week for me when I get to come in and make cinnamon rolls.

I also help cook meals for the homeless that live in our community.

I make eggs and toast or soups. I work with whatever ingredients we have.”

Michaele, Volunteer

That's something we should be proud of here in Waldport!

It’s amazing when people come in and they are down and out, we offer them a cup of coffee, something to eat , clothing, we listen to them…

When they leave they’ve got a smile on their face, they feel better and it brings a sense of accomplishment.

Senitila has got such a big heart and big load.

We all have a hand in helping her accomplish her mission of serving our community.”

Linda, Seashore Volunteer